ZaaZi is a photo agency for a wide spectrum of photography. From studio works as portraits to photo journalism. From Amsterdam to New York, Moscow and Berlin.

ZaaZi is specialized in Dutch photo shooting¬† for foreign news agencies. In spring the famous Dutch tulips flowering, in winter ice skating in the landscapes with mills, various social shooting from seniors till juniors. Do you need high quality recent photo shooting of Holland don’t hesitate to contact us.

Of course you can also order a photo professionally printed on dibond, or a digital negative so you can print yourself. We have a large stock archive for almost forty years of Dutch photographing. New  are our photo ledboxes for unique presentation of photos back lighted through transparant Duratrans film.
Take a look at the Optamatic page of facebook or visit Optamatic.nl

ZaaZi means high qualitative photo work, large stock, quick ordering and receiving fine artwork under time pressure. We are offering work to institutions like NGO’s, industries, magazines and newspapers.

New is our service website building for photographers and using social media like Instagram and Tumblr. See also the Dutch Photographer Roelof Foppen